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"Respect of the human being as a complex and rich identity is my top priority. The body has keys to regeneration ... let's activate and discover them together. "

I invite you to discover my  online integrative medicine consultations, combined with mouvement sessions, natural treatments, workshops and events!

Babies, children and adults: welcome ! 


Dr. Gwendoline Fiechter, MD
Integrative Medicine for Children & Adults
Holistic Personal Trainer 

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Online integrative medical consultation

Online integrative medical consultation

Benefits The key advantages of online sessions are: ° flexibility ° confortable surrounding ° quality of attention ° integration in your daily life ° accessibility ° safe and reliable

Support Online support in integrative medicine or holistic training is very convenient and can be, in my opinion an experience, very effective. I recommend online sessions in preparation or in between consultations and treatments in my office.

Price 45 minutes - 165 CHF // 90 minutes- 330 CHF payement cash or with TWINT or ET

Questions ? Feel free to ask me any question you might have.

What is integrative Medicine?

What is integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine Integrative Medicine combines the wealth of knowledge from both "academic" medicine and natural medicine. It ist the best "win-win" process I can think of, as well for patients as for doctors: to join forces of nature and human inventions and modern technology.

Babys Integrative medicine for babies - as a process- starts during pregnangy or even earlier. Welcoming a baby in a holistic process is wonderfull ! The first steps in life will impact the health of the child and future adult. Let's give them a warm start.° I offer online preparation, perinatal support and soft manual treatments for mother & baby after birth.

Children & Adults I advise an online consultation followed by soft manual treatments in case of chronic illness, muscular tensions or pain, and after every accident.



Soft manual medicine Try it :

Pain Therapy by Liebscher & Bracht "Press and stretch away your pain" Exercising for just 2 minutes a day can reduce joint pain and stiffness and increase your mobility. Combined with osteopressure therapy, it is the most effective support I know for the body's fascial system !

The Ackermann Method Structural osteopathy and soft chiropractic is wonderful for children and adults

Reflexology Ideal for regulation of various symptoms and stimulate vital points in children.

Baby massage Birth is a very intense process, for the mother but alos for the baby. Muscular tension can occur during birth, and can be released by soft manual treatment, which I recommend. ° Has the delivery been by cesarean section, I recommend a soft manual treatment for both mothers and the baby as well as emotional support.

Energy work Trained by Claudia Wandel in the technic "Direkter Blick", energy work is the most intense process I know to empower your "True Self". Combined with the work in the Inner Family System by Richard Schwarz, PhD, inner communication and energetical support can change- in an opening way - your attitude and actions in and towards life.



Description In a beautiful stetting in the middle of nature we train together our body & mind !

Team Together with L&B Therapist Isabelle Hein, we offer regenerating exercices for your entire body

Questions ? We are currently planing the next retreats (October 2024 and July 2025). Feel free to contact me for further information.



The world of fascias Learn in a playful way how fascias work, and your influence on them in tension an pain RELIEF !

Theory Interactive teaching about °Physiology and Physiopathology of the biomechanics of the human myofascial system.

Mouvements A series of flow mouvements adaptes to your daily work positions and physical activity.

For you as an individual.

For your team °family °health promotion at work° °schools °other events



Flows Join our group flows (series of mouvements) in Geneva and Graubünden! (More details on the German and French pages)

NAKSA As Director of the association "Netzwerk Aktiver und Kreativer Schweizer Ärzte*Innen" I develop , together with a great team: new healthy and sustainable projects in the field of Swiss Health Promotion !

Ärze-Treffen In Landquart : 15. Juni 2024 von 10:30 bis 17:00! Mit: ° Rhea Lendenmann (L&B Therapeutin) ° L&B Experte und Dozent Christian Gut °Workshop mit Dr. med. Gwendoline Fiechter

Are you interested ? Feel free to ask me any question you have or:

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Our online preparation and the one-on-one consultations that follow focus on exploring your personal journey.  What brought you or your child to the point where you are today: physically, emotionally, mental and spiritually?

After assessing the medical advice, treatments and natural therapies you have already obtained from your doctor, we search together for additional natural and practical solutions as well as simple  tools which you can use as a support in your daily life.

Regeneration and resilience takes time, and is a wonderful natural process in which I offer support with integrative medicine and all soft manual treatments embedded in holistic coaching.


I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, in a bilingual family (Swiss German and French). Traveling and sports in the wonderful nature accompanied my youth and opened my mind to many cultures. 

I believe I always had a holistic approach to life, nature and human being.

In addition to this intuitive, warm and simple knowledge, I studied academic medicine with a lot of passion. It was physics, chemistry and biology which I loved most: 

how wonderful and magical nature (and we are a tiny little part of it) can be ! 

Learning everything about illness and modern "cure" was very interesting, but also more tiring than healthy! I trained intensely, and am very grateful for the trust and experience I received from over 20 years in the medical filed (including training in: emergency and general internal medicine, pediatrics, mountain medicine and anesthesiology).  

Based on the wealth of knowledge that I obtained from many additional courses in soft manual therapy and complementary medicine, I opened an integrative family private medical office in Chur in 2018.  

Intense work in the medical office (and emergency duties) combined with supportive sharing with my patients was very fulfilling and demanding at the same time.

Completely unexpected, a vascular accident stroke me like a lightening in 2022 and forced me to stop this wonderful activity.

It was time for me to trust: 




and I am recovering very well now. :-)

I also used this time to train and develop methods in





I recently developed new activities (see above), offer online integrative medical advice, and will give occasionally soft manual treatments (start in 2025) and group "flows" (series of mouvements) in Geneva and Graubünden. I quit my activities in family and emergency medicine in order to focus my work as a doctor on a more holistic approach of life, illness and active health promotion.

I am also passionate about directing new healthy projects for the association "NAKSA", a network of active and creative Swiss doctors.

The world of science, but also the interconnection of fascias, emotions and energy in the body is very fascinating. I would be glad to tell and show you more about it in workshops, retreats or private sessions.


Thank you for reading "my story" !


=>  My motivation is to help you to feel, explore, train and support your own body with kindness and attention towards regeneration, resilience, healthy inner communication and long-term healing! 

This might take some time and is a lifetime training- but I truly believe it is worth the journey ! :-)

Warm regards, 

Dr. Gwendoline Fiechter, MD

Integrative Medicine for Children & Adults

Holistic Personal Trainer