Welcome to this Webseite ! 

I invite you on a journey  to discover integrative medicine! 

Based in Geneva and Graubünden in Switzerland, I advise my clients in a holistic way. This means we explore and support the human body in its integrity: physical, emotional, mental and energetically

(Official opening planed in 2025). 

After spending 20 years in academic medicine (general medicine, pediatrics, emergency and mountain medicine, anesthesiology) and the wealth of knowledge that I obtained from complementary medicine, I realized my enthusiasm is much stronger and my support more sustainable for my clients when we focus on REGENERATION HEALTH PROMOTION ! 

The world of science, but also the interconnection of fascias, emotions and energy in the body is what fascinates me. Consequently I am looking forward to sharing my holistic view with you in addition to my medical knowledge. 

I offer integrative medical advice for children and adults, workshops, group and solo training sessions, soft manual treatments, osteopressure from Liebscher & Bracht and energy work.

Workshops are in German and French, and on demand also in English.
Feel free to contact me also for a online session.

=>  My motivation is to help you to explore, train and support your own body with kindness and attention towards regeneration and health! The tools wich helped me so much in my daily life as a doctor, are now ready to be shared.

Welcome, and feel free to contact me for an appointment or any question you might have.

Dr. Gwendoline Fiechter, MD

Holistic Personal Trainer 

Integrative Medicine for Children & Adults